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When vision and capability converge, we perceive possibility in a different way. The skyTran vision is made possible by the development of unique forms of Magnetic Levitation and Propulsion. These properties are realized through the twin innovations of Magnetic Wings and the Spiral Drive. Working in tandem, they enable high-speed autonomous transit without the need to punctuate journeys. These groundbreaking innovations present an opportunity for cities that has never existed before - to build a lightning fast transport system that is both exciting and economically viable.

SkyTran Wireframe 2.png

Our proprietary Magnetic Wings allow our vehicles to move along the track on a cushion of air. This means that your ride is always fast, smooth, and quiet. The vehicles are electric, producing zero emissions and allowing for high energy efficiency.

skyTran’s simple, light-weight, and modular track greatly reduces the cost of the system, allowing for building many more lines. Systems can be constructed quickly, without tying up cities for years.