With skyTran you travel direct, every time

Public transport as we know it requires stops. skyTran is different. A skyTran pod only stops at your chosen destination. Bypassing stations along the way, you travel at high-speed for the duration of your trip. This is the very definition of seamless point-to-point travel.


skyTran is a network

Because skyTran is a true network, it means that passengers can travel between any two stations without ever having to disembark or change. There is no schedule, no waiting on the platform and no fixed route. A pod travels wherever you need it to go, when you need it. As lines are added and expanded over time, the reach of our non-stop network increases.


skyTran fits into your city

skyTran’s passenger pods are extremely lightweight and compact. Small vehicles mean the infrastructure required has minimal ground footprint - using small concrete foundations and support poles just every 50 metres. Track is fabricated and assembled off-site in advance, minimizing construction time and disruption to communities.

skyTran Highway (2).jpg