Current rendering of skyTran videos departing linear station and merging onto constantly streaming overhead track of other vehicles.

Concept animation of skyTran Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) track and stations installed with an urban setting. Vehicles are shown traveling along a busy city street plus departing from and arriving at stations with minimal impact to moving automobile traffic and sidewalk pedestrian flow.

Concept animation of an outdoor skyTran Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) station with vehicles arriving to and departing from an elevated platform. The minimalist design reduces cost and construction time as well as taking up a smaller urban footprint once completed.

Concept animation of an indoor skyTran Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) station with vehicles shown arriving and departing. The herringbone arrangement allows passengers to board and depart at different rates without negatively affecting the flow of the system.

Concept animation of the skyTran Personal Rapid transit (PRT) Hardware Reference Platform. This track and vehicles will simulate the engineering behind the flow, switching, and loading—using a simple set of concentric loops.

Concept animation of skyTran systems installed at various locations across the globe. The simple lightweight tracks, stations, and small vehicles easily blend into the existing city settings.

Concept animation of skyTran Personal Rapid transit (PRT) traveling from LAX to Universal Studios. Sit back and enjoy a fun and fast ride across the Los Angeles metro area, over the Hollywood Hills and into a futuristic station within the Southern California theme park.