NASA Ames Entrance Sign

skyTran has a Space Act Agreement with NASA.

NASA uses Space Act Agreements as the primary vehicle for partnering with the external community. Space Act Agreements enable NASA to enter into partnerships with organizations that give the agency access to a wider range of technologies and capabilities that are not part of NASA’s core competency. These partnerships expand NASA’s ability to meet the difficult technical challenge faced in space exploration, often at virtually no cost to the taxpayer. A solid partnership enables NASA to combine its expertise, assets, and information with a partner’s core competency to help further its goals for aeronautics research and space exploration while simultaneously furthering the mission of the Space Act partner. In this sense, all of the partnerships are strategic alliances.

Through Space Act Agreements NASA is able to engage a broad spectrum of partners from all disciplines within the public or private sector. Since NASA is a mission-driven Agency and relies heavily on technology, the majority of its Space Act Agreements aim to develop or mature dual-use technologies of relevancy to both NASA and the partner.

The Space Act Agreement also allows skyTran to be headquartered at NASA Ames Research Center one of 10 NASA field centers, located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. For more than 70 years, Ames has been a leader in conducting world-class research and development. With 2500 employees and an annual budget of $900 million, Ames provides NASA with advancements in:
NASA Ames Arial View

  • Entry, descent and landing technologies,
  • Information technology,
  • Next-generation aviation improvements,
  • Astrobiology,
  • Airborne sciences and
  • Small satellite programs